Terms of use

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Terms of use

The reading and agreement of the terms of use are required for the registration and use of the services offered by the Organizze (Webfy Ltda. - 186 Santa Catarina St, 4th floor, Criciúma, SC - Brazil - CNPJ 18.237.482 / 0001-63). At the time of registration, you will be accepting all the rules and if you do not agree to the terms, you will not be able to use the services described and offered on the www.organizze.me / www.organizze.com.br ("Site") website as well as its applications (iOS and Android apps). Before confirming your registration to use our services, you must accept and agree to these terms of use.

This document may be periodically improved as necessary to keep it up to date. We will keep the updated version of these terms of use at https://www.organizze.me/terms-of-use and you may be able to consult it at any time, knowing that we may amend this document on the website just to enhance the services provided, in whole or in part, if necessary, regardless of prior notification. For your control, you may be notified by a message via email or other means of communication. We always show the date of the last version at the end of our terms of use. By continuing to use the services after the changes, you will be agreeing to the amended terms. If you do not agree to the modifications, you should stop using the services and cancel them by following the instructions under "Acquisition and Cancellation".

Organizze Account

Organizze can be used in three different ways: free, premium or lifetime version. The price for using the premium version is showed in the App and on the website as well as in the stores.

To access the services and validate your registration, you must create an account on one of our platforms (Website or Mobile) by providing a valid email address of your property.

You may cancel the services at any time by contacting our communication channel available on the website at the 'Contact' link.

We offer technical support for the services through our communication channel.

We will send emails that are related to the services used. If you do not want to receive them, you may cancel your subscription by clicking on the 'cancel subscription' button within the e-mail sent by us. You will be able to use the services properly and responsibly if you have:

(i) Internet access with a speed greater than 1MB/s;

(ii) For the web version. PC Windows or Mac and latest versions of browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari;

(iii) For the iOS mobile version. The compatibility of the last version and 2 previous ones will always be maintained;

(iv) For the Android mobile version. Version 4.1 or higher;

Acquisition and form of cancellation

Our services have different versions, for each type of need. On our website, you will find more details about the available versions.

Some of our services are paid and for your purchase, we detail on the website their differences, benefits and also their value and payment methods. Our plans are renewed automatically and without prior notice. If the paid version (premium plan) is used and it is not renewed after its expiration, it will imply in the disablement of the functionalities that are exclusively accessible through the paid plan, as well as your respective data can be excluded, regardless of any prior notice.

In case you wish to cancel any of our services, please contact our communication channel. The total amount paid will be refunded if you request cancellation within 7 (seven) days from the date of payment. If you request cancellation after 7 (seven) days, we will refund the proportional amount, regarding the time of use.

Our responsibility

We are responsible for maintaining the services online for as long as possible, but there may be cases outside our control that may cause temporary unavailability of the site ("Fortuitous Cases or Force Majeure").

We will do our best to maintain the security of the site and its data using the best backup practices and security policies.

We cannot be responsible for damages caused to you by the use of our services since we only provide a tool and the content generated by it is inserted by you.

Our services do not guarantee specific results, performance guarantees or other expectations.

Your responsibility

You will be responsible for keeping your password secure.

The content you post is of your responsibility as well as all the acts you perform.

Premium lifetime plan rules

Organizze premium lifetime plan is valid for all users. The subscription is made only once for $ 49.99, and all application's premium features are available in your account forever.

Acquisition and form of cancellation (lifetime)

If you already have a premium subscription active on Organizze and would like to join the lifetime plan, you must manually cancel your current plan to avoid recurring charges. If you need any help with the cancellation of the subscription, just contact our support via email: [email protected]

Regarding cancellation or withdrawal of Organizze premium lifetime plan, the customer will have up to 7 (seven) days after the date of acquisition to obtain the full amount voided. A partial refund or any type of refund will not be applied after this deadline.

Time for subscription of the premium lifetime plan is limited. The first promotion was valid from 12/24/2018 until 01/01/2019.

Organizze, January 2019.